corrosion protection

Our core competency is providing our customers’ investments with effective protection against corrosion. We carry out all of the preparatory work, tailored to their requirements.

Individually adapted to their requirements, we carry out all of the preparations required in the industrial, hydraulic engineering and shipping sectors. To guarantee the highest quality standards, we use certified and finely aligned corrosion protection and colour systems.

We also use the latest production processes. In this way, we protect our customers’ investments and pay particular attention to the long-lasting quality of our work. We strive to offer our customers genuine added value. For this reason, we rely on water-based products, amongst other things. These deliver multiple benefits to our clients, including lower energy consumption and fewer emissions.

Using our water treatment plant, it is possible for us to clean untreated waste water that is contaminated by pollutants, which we can then feed into the public waste water system. We also use this device for the industrial cleaning of indoor floors. Hitherto, emissions were so high in this area that conventional cleaning had never reached the strict standards for waste water within the company. We obtain the flocculants needed for treating the water from an external laboratory. Samples of waste water and clean water are also taken and analysed.

Our customers appreciate our flexibility more than anything else, as we always place the greatest value on responding to their wishes promptly. If you have further questions about our services, please give us a call, with absolutely no obligation. We look forward to your enquiry.

We are the high-performance partner for winch construction. corrosion protection.

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