environmental protection

With the goal of offering our customers real and environmentally friendly added value, we rely, among other things, on water-based products that have several advantages at the same time, e.g. B. offer inexpensive material, lower energy consumption and less harmful emissions. Our clients can benefit from this in many ways.

These modern materials save costs and ensure significantly less environmental pollution.

Our computer-controlled water treatment system also cleans heavily contaminated dirty water without leaving any residue.
As early as the mid-1990s, we invested in new technologies for corrosion protection and used, among other things, high-pressure water technology and computer-controlled water treatment. By using this water treatment system when cleaning ships or cleaning industrial hall floors, even dirty water contaminated with pollutants can be cleaned in such a way that we can discharge it back into the public sewage network after the samples of the dirty and service water have been analyzed and certified. With this process, coated surfaces can be completely stripped of paint, derusted or otherwise cleaned – this is also a big step in terms of environmental protection.

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