special winches

Special winches are used if the specific conditions on board or the special application requirements of the customer demand special measurements, compositions or performance characteristics.

The Steger + Windhagen winch range is based on a modular system, consisting of different basic winch models, drums, discs and couplings, plus the relevant drives.

All winches that fall outside the range of this modular system in the way they are designed are called special winches. Our type SW 12 and SW 15 belt winches, which are put together and built specially for individual requirements, usually serve as a basis. In most cases, we use the drives from our standard system, as a new development for a small number of items or even a single item would be too costly and time-consuming.

You can rest assured that our special winches also fulfil all of the statutory requirements and authorisation criteria.

We are the high-performance partner for winch construction. corrosion protection.

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